Sherpa Bee

Sherpa, more than a download manager


  • Very easy to use
  • Searcher
  • Listen music without download it
  • Video download
  • Web Browser
  • Unzip files
  • Download speed


  • It finds more music files than other types of files

Sherpa, more than a download manager

Again this is another download manager, but what sets it apart from others? For starters, Sherpa has search engine, with which we can search for music and files. Not only that, but it can hear the music before download and create custom playlists. And you can download files from many sites like Rapidshare, Goear ... and download videos and music from any web page due to its toolbar. And there's more, you can download torrent files even ... What more could you want?

Web browser Listen to music without downloading File Download File Download Torrent File Finder Download acceleration Compatible with download websites like Rapidshare, GoEar ... Link & Sensor: Download web content such as videos or pictures Convert videos Watching videos online Decompression of files downloaded Games Chat Supports plugins Programmer

Sherpa es único, incluye navegador, descarga de páginas web, escuchar música sin descargarla, descarga de vídeos, almacén de vídeos, programador, barra de herramientas, etc. Básicamente, en lugar de un gestor de descargas, se podría considerar un gestor multimedia.

Está hecho para descargar todo tipo de descargas, incluídos vídeos, Torrent, etc. Además incluye navegador y se puede escuchar música sin descargarla.

Sherpa Bee


Sherpa Bee 1.1_